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TO AND FROM, as the name suggests we look after to globalize your Product or Service TO the desire locale FROM the locale it has been designed & developed.

Learning, Developing, Testing & Implementation is what we have been working on to make our Customers satisfied and get benefitted by our Globalization services. Breaking the barrier, we work with our customers to be their Globalization Partner and look after their end-to-end Internationalization, Localization & the associated requirements, unlike a Translation Agency.

T&F is an organization working with Consultants who help take your products & services to a global platform. We have been in the Localization industry since the Year 2013 and have continuously grown since then. With an expert Team of Consultants specialized in Localization Engineering & QA, T&F has achieved notable client satisfaction.

Our support mainly includes the end-to-end Localization for eLearning, Web applications, Mobile Apps, Software Products & Applications. We provide support for Translation Memory & Terminology management using various CAT Tools for APAC, Middle East, European & Latin American locales.

We have domain experts & native language consultants across the globe. Our experience, best practices, and expertise take care of the Localization QA, LQA & Content Moderation to add value in Internationalization & Localization quality.

Solutions for Localization project planning, effort cost estimation & efficient Translation vendor management adds value and reduces cost in the overall Localization requirements of the clients.

T&F Advantages

  • Well defined easy-to-adopt Internationalization & Localization strategy, workflow and process implementation
  • Pseudo Localization support for a large scale, agile based products & service application development
  • On demand Localization Testing lab setup for safe time saving remote Localization testing
  • Internationalization & Localization consultation support for the Startups companies
  • Best quality Localization Engineering, Project Management, QA support in compliance with offshore & onsite delivery model
  • CAT Tool driven Translation Memory &Terminology Management for low cost and effective Localization consistency
  • Cost effective Translation Vendor Management for large volume translation/localization projects
  • Expertise in latest TMS, CAT tools, E-Learning Articulate Storyline, Evolve & Adobe tools
  • Team Experience across in E-Learning, Mobile Apps, SmartPhone, Tablet PCs, Pharmaceutical, Animal Health Care, Android Appstore, Hardware Support (Client & Enterprise), e-Governance, Casino Gaming
  • Complete suite of Linguistic, Sanity, Basic Functionality, Integration, Regression, User Experience, GUI, Compatibility, Field & User Acceptance Testing
  • DTP for User Manual, Online Help, Marketing, Mobile App content
  • Content Moderation, Operations Management and Localization support for Appstore/Marketplace in India & China


Internationalization & Localization Consulting

Internationalization is the baseline process to make your software product ready to adopt localization into different locale. It mainly includes the review and technical enhancement of your base product architecture, coding, UI design.

T&F consultation has helped our Client streamline their product or application development lifecycle in sync with Internationalization & Localization engineering. UI design, product or application architecture, deployment platform, User Experience like some other areas for a 100% localization overage is what we offer support for.

T&F Advantages

  • Best in class use of CAT tools for source file management
  • Guidelines & solutions for the inherent design challenges
  • Working closely with Dev Team to implement and examine all possible internationalization steps
  • Eliminating the time and cost required for rework at the succeeding project stages
  • Pseudo Internationalization & Localization support
  • Help in boosting the time to market your product, by reducing localization and testing turnaround time

Localization Engineering

Localization Engineering is one of the key services we have been supporting our Client since our foundation.

Creating and adopting to the efficient workflow for 100% Localization coverage is what we have been working with our Client’s Localization requirement. Best practices like Pseudo Localization, timely and comprehensive testing approach has always helped us to get on time and high quality localization.

Use of efficient process to manage Translation Packages for UI strings, audio, video & graphics files without adding risk to the source code helps to reduce overall timeline for a successful localization.

E-learning (Adobe Tools, Articulate Storyline/360, Evolve, etc.), Web Applications, Mobile Applications, SmartPhone & Tablet PCs, Software Products, ERPs are some of the key domains we have achieved successful localization for our Clients.

Localization Testing

Localization testing is the process to check on the implemented localization for the target locale with respect to onscreen UI content, GUI, basic functionality. By doing this we assure that the localized version of the product is a 100% fit for the target locale & its cultural requirements.

We not only make sure that the quality of your product is appropriate as per the target locale but also provide you with actionable insights that help you gain popularity amongst the particular subset of users in the target culture/locale.

T&F Advantages

  • High quality, native language & domain expert localization analysis
  • Dedicated localization testing lab setup for onsite and offshore testing methodology
  • Verified linguistic accuracy and resource attributes
  • Zero typographical errors
  • Quality approach to increase the usability of user interface
  • Affirmation of input & display environment standards, adherence to the system

Translation Memory & Terminology Management

High quality and consistency in onscreen UI text is the first impression for ay localized product or application. Innovations and automation in the overall development, internationalization & localization process can make your product localized technically. Any single or a minute issue with the visible text can be easily visible and cause huge damage to your overall localization process.

Terminology management is the process of managing your regional or foreign language terminology. Keep the unique words you use to describe your services/products/processes safely and securely stored. As these words help create your brand identity, it’s important to maintain the glossaries in all the languages of your target locale.

We have been continuously educating our Clients, the importance of UI content management to avoid any post release issues which may delay the overall localization. A dedicated Content Team with use of CAT and similar TMS tools team have been looking after the complete Translation Memory & Terminology Management.

Manage your foreign-language terminology and carve a niche for yourself in the target marketplace, with T&F translation memory and terminology management services.

High quality translation with maximum usage of legacy content to save overall Translation cost is what we focus on with our streamline Translation Memory & Terminology Management.

T&F Advantages

  • Industry experts-checked terminology
  • Re-used glossaries create a holistic database of each and every translation done
  • Regularly updated glossaries in several languages
  • Best-in-class translation & terminology tools
  • Assured confidentiality & security

Localization DTP

Localization & Translation DTP is a dedicated service for our Clients from Media, Advertisement & Publication domain.

Localization DTP along with technical and linguistic review has always helped our client to achieve high quality deliverables.

We provide support for the User Interface Resource Files, Graphics & Images Files, Video & Audio Files, Animation Files, InDesign, FrameMaker, Photoshop, CorelDraw, OCR, PDF & Microsoft Office Files.

Localization Associated Services

T&F with its localization consultation services has always helped the clients looking for cost effective support for some of the Localization associated services. Localization, QA & Internationalization being our key domain services, we do offer on demand Translation, Voice Over, Transcription, Subtitling, Interpretation and Linguistic Staffing.

‘Within the client budget’ pricing model and a trustable bridge between the freelance resource & client, has been appreciated by many customers to prefer T&F over a typical LSP. No hidden cost, you just pay for end to end project and vendor management is the key for success and makes our empanelled freelance & clients to trust our pricing model.

E-Learning Localization

E-learning localization is to make the digital learning content from a source language to map the needs of a target locale and to make it compatible enough for the target culture. The most common e-learning elements that require localization are - audio, video, graphics, written content, user-experience, etc.

T&F provide localization and testing for e-learning to help you reach the potential audience with just the right e-learning elements in target locale. We take care of text expansion and contraction, graphics and visual elements such as symbols, pictures, etc. along with colors and animations.

We provide the content in an easy-to-edit format so that you don’t have to re-create the files from scratch. All your e-learning and localization testing requirements are taken care of by us right from the start to the finish!

T&F Advantages

  • Translation Memory & Terminologies to ensures consistent translation and content management
  • Expertise in E-Learning development, localization and content management for State board, CBSE, Technical, Vocational & Corporate training
  • Successfully delivered projects using various E-Learning platforms like Adobe Tools, Articulate Storyline/360, Evolve
  • Insights and expertise of native language experts for high quality E-Learning content
  • User-approved, user-defined glossary of specialized terms to give you the flexibility to incorporate the terms, words, phrases you require

Appstore Management

In the line with providing localization and associated services to leading SmartPhone companies, T&F has dedicated team for Appstore Management. Operations, Quality and Content Management are the 3 key pillars of dedicated support to leading Appstore in India and China.

T&F has been providing onsite & offshore support since 2017 to one of the top SmartPhone & Appstore Company in India & China. The goal of Appstore management service is to offer a consistent and reliable Application experience to consumer customers and vendor customers by policing guidelines and policies in order to appropriately represent the brand to each customer. Making your Apps more appealing, user friendly to the native users and reducing any regional or national content related risk is the key to success for any Appstore.

SmartPhone Testing

Our long term business cooperation with SmartPhone industry has given us the opportunity to explore and understand the testing requirement other than localization testing.

We have been offering SmartPhone testing which mainly comprises of compatibility with third party hardware, network & mobile Apps. SmartPhone Field Testing to check the compatibility of a device with various network on different geographical location is what we have supporting our client. We are continuously upgrading our skills in this particular domain to have maximum SmartPhone testing coverage, which mainly helps our client to know the end user perspective before the product launch in the market.

Web & Mobile Application Development

Being a service provider in the Information & Technology industry and working with various MSME clients, T&F provide support for on demand Web & Mobile Application development as well.

We have successfully developed high quality and within the budget Web applications for HR Management, Pathology Management, Hospital Management, Restaurant & Bar Management. We have been continuously expanding our services to individual or small entrepreneur to make use of our services in adding values to their businesses.


Our Team

Anupprakash Saxena

Program Manager

Squall Yang

Testing Consultant

Deepak Kumar

Appstore Testing Consultant

Nidhi Saxena

HR Manager


Job Location: Nagpur, Gurgaon

  • Requirement for Android Appstore Team!
  • Fresher or minimum 0 to 1 year of experience in Mobile App Testing
  • Good to have knowledge of Gaming, E-Learning, Social Networking & E-Commerce Apps
  • Priority for the candidates having experience in any Appstore profile
  • Qualification: Bachelor/Master Degree (Engineering, MCA, BCA, BSc)


  • Manual testing of Mobile Apps
  • Content moderation for onscreen App content
  • Test report preparation and weekly update to Project Management team
To apply please email your CV to hr@toandfrom.in

Job Location: Nagpur, Maharashtra, India

  • Requirement for a Business Development Team!
  • Fresher or minimum 1 to 2 Years of experience in Pre Sales, Business Development
  • Priority for the candidates having experience in eLearning, Hospitality, Manufacturing, eGovernance domain
  • Qualification: Bachelor/Master Degree (BBA, MBA, BCA, BSc)
To apply please email your CV to hr@toandfrom.in

Job Location: Nagpur, Maharashtra, India

  • Requirement for a Software Developer
  • Resource can have work from home or on freelance basis
  • Minimum 1 to 3 Years of experience in Web application & Mobile application development
  • Qualification: Bachelor/Master Degree (Engineering, MCA, BCA, BSc)
To apply please email your CV to hr@toandfrom.in

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